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AI Won’t Fix Education, but it Can Help

Now more than ever, our teachers need help. Faced with an unprecedented crisis of having to move all instruction online in a matter of weeks, everyone is figuring out the new playbook for teaching in the 21st century. Here is artificial intelligence, and education — AI won’t fix education, but …

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Building a coast-to-coast Silicon Valley

Facebook announced on Friday that it will allow its employees to work remotely until the end of the year. A number of other tech companies have similarly bleak forecasts for when it will be safe to get workers back into the office, with companies like Amazon and Microsoft allowing workers …

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PlayStation 4 sales reach 110.4 million

As part of its financial results today, Sony revealed that lifetime sales for PlayStation 4 have now passed 110.4 million. That number was at 108.9 million in February. The PS4 came out back in 2013. Today, the console is on its last leg, with the PlayStation 5 set to release …

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